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Dave began life as a surprise. Apparently, an unexpected one - but then, aren't ALL surprises unexpected?

His mother was undergoing a routine x-ray in an attempt to diagnose some stomach discomfort she'd been experiencing, when, lo and behold . . . there he was, probably making shadow puppets on the x-ray screen. Yes, that's right - blasted with radiation before even leaving the womb.

Explains a LOT, doesn't it?

Dave's childhood was happy and uneventful - except, of course, for the hundreds of times he was dropped on his head during driveway basketball games with his older neighborhood friends. Really explains a LOT, doesn't it?

Dave's dream was always to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. He started in 1981 at a hits station in Silsbee, Texas (picture Green Acres meets The Twilght Zone). He moved on to radio stations in Beaumont, Houston, and Dallas, Texas. Today he enjoys playing great music and taking care of his listeners on Today's Best Hits!

He and his lovely wife of 20 years, Rhonda, have two boys, Michael and Matthew. On his free time you can catch Dave driving his Ford Mustang GT, surfing the Internet, and catching up on his "honey do's." Dave would like to add that all his successes and blessings comes from his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!